French Fender Day…

Our way…

On the wrong day! 🙂

Way up on the ‘Dream List’ for a number of our group (certainly for myself & Steve) would most definitely be a trip to Lyme, Connecticut in the good ol’ USofA. If you are aware of the frame builder J P Weigle, you will probably be aware of his annual gathering. A celebration of French bicycles and accoutrements. Think low trail touring bikes, high volume tyres, dynamo lights, mudguards and the glorious history of builders such as Rene Herse, Routens and Alex Singer (to name but a few).

Yesterday (Sat 10th) was the official day, but due to the ongoing Coronavirus saga this year’s gathering was cancelled and a virtual version was, quite sensibly, arranged. J P invited people to share their photos with an appropriate hashtag on Instagram in order to keep the spirit of the event alive, even if it couldn’t physically take place.

Usually very jealous, this year I can only feel for the community that would usually get the chance to include this in their yearly events calendar!

In typical #grassupthemiddle fashion we’re a day late, work and weather keeping us from an outing yesterday! We had a great ride this morning regardless, and I’m sure J P would let us off?!

Chilly, with an atmospheric mist early doors, the morning soon came good with blue skies and sunshine.

We weren’t out for long, but the most was absolutely made of it.

Happy (belated) French Fender Day everybody, maybe one day we’ll make it over for the real thing. Oh to dream…

Words – Paul Rance

Pictures – Steve Makin & Paul Rance

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