The holiest of grails…

The Chippy ride!

So often discussed/planned/dreamed about, so often unrealised 😦

The variables, sadly, can at times be too plentiful to make things happen. A tough day at work, the dreaded weather, plus a myriad of other minor obstacles can hamper even the best laid plan!

Well, last night the planets finally aligned…

Myself, Steve, Rod & Kev (intrepid chip shop enthusiasts one and all) set off for the place where chippy ride dreams come true… The Wing Wah Delight!!!

IMG_20200702_183702Always a pleasure, and always super quality grub. Unbelievably, this was the gangs first visit for 2020! With any luck we’ll manage a few more evening trips over the coming weeks to make up for the long break 🙂

As if the evening wasn’t special occasion enough…

It was new bike day for Steve! A fitting ‘christening’ for his new (very snazzy) Midnight Special!

IMG_20200702_184002With our respective meals procured and safely stowed away we did the only sensible thing…

We headed for ‘The Bench’ of course.

IMG_20200702_185204Ignore him 😉

Such a splendid way to blow off the cobwebs of the day this. Especially when you manage to catch a window of calm(ish) weather amidst a changeable forecast. The trails were a little on the sticky side after the rain of the last few days, but mudguards and a ‘conditions be damned’ attitude are more than adequate to handle such piffling trifles.

IMG_20200702_185704It’s only a quick spin up the Trans Pennine Trail to our favourite spot (#grassupthemiddle HQ) so the chips were still piping hot as we all tucked in with gusto. With a calm sky, birdsong and a beautiful Cheshire countryside view our evening meal was absolutely perfect. Just what the Doctor ordered, all washed down with a nice can of pop.


IMG_20200702_185740Sated, we fell into the usual ‘bench banter’ and after putting the world to rights, and a fair few giggles, it was time to head home…

IMG_20200702_195422Excellent company, excellent food…

Even a late (rare) puncture for yours truly didn’t dampen the enjoyment! A puncture is always a tiresome thing to sort, but made infinitely less tedious when you are with good friends.

All in all, a very successful evening!

Words and pictures – Paul Rance


One thought on “The holiest of grails…

  1. I love this, I have been trying to get a similar style riding going. Its very difficult with peoples schedules.
    I do miss Chippy’s, a sort of equivalency where I am is Bagels, So i have had. a few Breakfast Bagel rides, not quite as good as chips though in my book.


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