Where have all of our patches gone..?


…in what will hopefully be a series!?

Now that they are out in the world we’re really keen to see where our little patches get to, and with any luck we’ll get to see the adventures they get taken on in the process.

Starting us off in fantastic fashion is #grassupthemiddler and #roughstuffer Calum McRoberts…

Having successfully taken his patch all the way to the Cape Wrath Lighthouse! Earning himself entry to the fabled Cape Wrath Fellowship!!!

Amazing 🙂

You can follow the adventures of Calum (and our most Northerly UK based patch?) on Instagram by clicking the links below…


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05:20 and 11°C. I feel the rain on my face as soon as I step out of the doorway. I’m immediately dismayed and consider going back in. It’s not heavy though so I go out to the shed. I’m glad to be on the road again. Five miles in and the rain is heavy. Any road noise from tyres is soon lost under the persistent drumming of rain hitting the plastic shell on my head. My glasses are covered with runs and drops and cycling becomes difficult. My feet are soon wet. Through Dunkeld now and up the big brae with the big oak and beech trees giving good protection. I am going to photograph the cattle sitting in the field but they stand up as I stop. I push on. Pittensorn is difficult in the mud and I come off the bike involuntarily. I’m going so slow it doesn’t matter and no harm is done. I’m on the homeward run now and smiling. The rain no longer matters.

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A MASSIVE thanks to everyone who bought a patch from us! It makes us very happy. We managed to donate a very respectable amount to the Bikepackingroots BIPOC GRANTwhich makes us equally happy 🙂

Just so you know… we will be producing a second run of patches in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for further info.

Be well,

Paul & Steve

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