A few hours escape…


Life has been interesting of late, everybody and everything has been turned upside down, it’s felt at times like being inside a tumble drier which wont turn off! There are glimmers of light appearing somewhere near to the horizon, although they aren’t shining very bright, just a dull ember like glow…

When the opportunity comes to step outside of the tumble drier we’ve been taking it gladly, a few hours of escape to breathe fresh air, to reduce the white noise, to see something different and to forget for a short while the troubles and tribulations.

Today was one of those occasions, we packed a picnic, our books and headed out into the countryside, an hour’s pedalling saw us at a beautiful little wooded area. It’s very close to a main road yet sufficiently sheltered by mature trees that the road noise is remarkably dulled right down, allowing the birds to serenade us with their song 🙂

Another hour spent in silence, eating cheese and piccalilli sandwiches (with added crisps for some crunch) drinking freshly brewed tea and a Double Decker for pudding, a couple of chapters of our respective books and it was time to start heading home. I’m loving this sort of cycling these days, cycling to get somewhere to just be, rather than cycling to go cycling like a cyclist would go cycling.

Words and pictures – Steve Makin

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