#GUTM woven patch


Patches are now gone! Thanks to everyone who bought one 🙂 🙂 🙂

We will be producing a second run of our patches, so fret not if you missed out first time around! It’ll likely take us a few weeks to get them sorted, but we will let everyone know via the blog and the Instagram account.

Due to the ongoing disruption of the coronavirus, please be mindful that postage may take a little while longer than normal. We will, of course, try our best to be prompt. Your patience will be appreciated.

We will again be donating a portion of our patch sales to the BIPOC BIKE ADVENTURE GRANT at www.bikepackingroots.org

Be safe, be well and be good to each other,

Paul & Steve



8 thoughts on “#GUTM woven patch

  1. Andrew Swindells

    I’ve just ordered a Patch, cheers. If you have any stickers left would you mind sticking one in with my patch please?


    Andy Swindells STOKE-ON-TRENT ST4 6EG

    On Mon, 8 Jun 2020, 11:51 Grass up the middle CC, wrote:

    > grassupthemiddle posted: “The moment you’ve all been waiting for has > finally arrived!!! :-DPlease be aware, we’d really appreciate it if you > could limit yourself to ONE PATCH PER CUSTOMER as we don’t have a huge > amount!If we get enough interest there is definitely scope for a seco” >

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