Something’s brewing…

How’s everybody doing out there?

For a variety of reasons we’ve been a bit quiet over last few months, but we haven’t been idle!

IMG_20200411_070841Without mentioning the obvious, there has been plenty going on to keep us all occupied with things ‘non cycling’ related recently.

Something that Steve and I have been talking about for a long time is producing some more #grassupthemiddlecc goodies… Our world famous stickers are always available! And as some of you may/or not know, we did a run of enamel badges a while ago and they turned out brilliantly.

IMG_20170619_174020With the current lockdown still in place we’ve been afforded the time to ponder, procrastinate, and hatch a plan for something equally lovely.

It will likely be a few months to get it all sorted, but you can expect to see some fabulous #grassupthemiddlecc patches in the near future! Charlie’s fantastic design should look a treat…GRASS UP THE MIDDLE FINAL JPG

We’ll let everybody know on here and on our Instagram account when they’re available and, most importantly, how to get your hands on one!

That’ll give you all something to look forward too! 😉

Regards – Paul & Steve (and the extended #GUTM gang)

7 thoughts on “Something’s brewing…

  1. biking2work

    These badges have me excited and really looking forward to their release. Have been doing lots of grass and gravel up the middle now it is warmer and drier

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  2. jamoxxx

    Hi Steve, what are the chances of a couple of those lovely stickers? 🤔 Looking forward to all this being over and going for a ride with a bit of company! Hopefully see you soon.

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