Monday service…

IMG_5912Despite our collective best efforts the proposed Sunday Service was a washout, in fact it didn’t even start, the predicted biblical floods came, and of course whenever the forecast is for bad weather they are always right!

Anyway, a ride was needed, come Monday morning the rain had stopped and the sun was threatening an appearance so we decided to at least meet for coffee.

IMG_5914 (1)
Breakfast butties were procured at the fabulous Monty’s sandwich shop and off we headed towards the bench, the trails were surprisingly dry given yesterday’s weather? but not of course the notorious ‘PUDDLE OF DOOOOMMM!!!’.

We stopped to survey the depth and then we got our Rough Stuff on… it was a full six inches at its deepest but we manned up and headed through, the bench was calling.

Arriving at the bench safe and sound, coffee was brewed, butties eaten, the world was put to rights and we surveyed our kingdom, noting that the field in front of our bench has this year been given over to barley rather than just grass.

Eventually we had to leave, knowing full well that the puddle of doom would need to be traversed again, the decision was made to hit it full throttle…


IMG_5917Kev was especially keen to do this, me being on camera duty took the more sedate pace looking for a good camera angle, Paul went for the cool hand Luke approach.

After the disappointment of yesterday it was grand to be out and riding, we rode less than twenty miles this morning, but all of us felt the better for it, especially after surviving the puddle of doom!

Words and pictures – Steve Makin

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