A weekend of two halves…

Saturday, the forecast said it was going to be grim……and so it was.

IMG_5018I got out to the bench, got a brew on, ate some biscuits and pulled out my book, and then the rain came, and the wind and shortly after a slobbering bulldog whose owner couldn’t care less about the fact that it had slobbered all over me and my book (insert pointless rant about entitled dog owners and their selfishness here) .

IMG_5019 (1)Gritting my teeth I got on with my book but soon gave up as the rain wasn’t going to, I packed up and started for home,

IMG_5020hiding under bridges as the worst of the weather came down,

IMG_5021I reckon that in these conditions every mile costs a pound in wear and tear on your drive train.

IMG_5023Home soaked to the skin, but feeling better for it, even on a day like this its still a pleasure to be able to turn the pedals.

Sunday, the forecast wasn’t looking much better but nonetheless Paul and I met up at the usual spot determined to keep the grass up the middle flag flying! A damp dark start soon gave way to a brilliant sunrise, brilliant enough for us to stop and admire it for a few minutes.

IMG_5025The bench was reached, brews on, biscuits consumed and once again the world was put to rights…

IMG_5026The conversation taking an even more bizarre twist than normal, the power of ten, cabals, masonry, and of course the great orange balloon in the USA were all considered and debated.


The day was looking to be a belter, cold and crisp air, just cold enough to feel in your fingers and give a fizzing in the nose, a second breakfast was required to provide energy for  more discussions about David Lynch, Tibetan nose flutes, squaring the circle and then a dose of schoolboy humour to bring us back to earth. We eventually had to leave and made a tactical error in choosing to head back down the canal, of course the sunshine had brought ‘them’ out, mostly happy and enjoying their day but the occasional dog walker being grumpy at the inconvenience of having to control their animal made for a painful few miles.

Paul peeled off for home and I continued on into town to see my son (he’s a bike messenger) via Salford Quays, the outskirts being quiet and pleasant enough but as soon as I entered the city the xmas madness was everywhere. I didn’t want to hang around in that atmosphere so turned back through the quieter side streets before rejoining the canal tow path and headed home.

Happy to have had two days of riding, quite the contrast though, grey, damp and miserable on Saturday, blue, warm and (mostly) happy on Sunday.

Talking of xmas, the grass up the middle xmas chippy and beer run will take place on Saturday 22nd December. Meeting at 5pm, the ride will be along the canal tow path to the chippy, from there to the bench to eat the chips, and then to the Vine Inn to drink strong dark ales, eat crisps and nuts and attempt to solve the mysteries of life, all welcome.

Words and pictures – Steve Makin

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