Found poem…

Sitting at the new GUTM headquarters just off the trail, the surprising things you overhear from passing cyclists (with a nod to Dave Gorman)

IMG_4626All random, separate, sentences overheard and joined together whilst sitting reading my book…

This way Willow
come on mate
there’s a river to cross
and it leads you back to barnes lane

them two there are camping
how did you catch them all ?
it didn’t bother me in the slightest

stay where you are poppy
keep going keep going
I need a wee
oh yeah just over the bridge

I kind of felt you were valued
a player who plays professionally
he’s playing as bad as he can
to get transferred out

do you want to go faster
I’ll wait for you here
are you ready for it ?
yes its lovely isn’t it


I wish the moon was closer
don’t think I’ve ever done more than five and a half hours
its getting lower and lower


I’m not sure if I’m a Facebook friend
they’ll do em a refund


Words and pictures – Steve Makin


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