Anglesey delight…

After visiting Anglesey every year for the last 15 years, I finally decided to take my bike and explore the cycling possibilities… I wish I’d done it 15 years earlier!

My Genesis Croix de Fer was the bike of choice, ideal for the backroads on the island. A tentative first ride was an early start, having been woken by the finest dawn chorus and the sun filtering through the curtains.

Up and out by 6am, the air was fresh and the smell of the sea felt very invigorating. Quickly leaving the main road and diving into the backroads, dodging the odd rabbit and hungry weasel!

Very soon I was being treated to my first ‘primo’ example of Anglesey #grassupthemiddle, finely cut and manicured, perfection.


The joy of riding on these roads was uplifting, twisting and turning, with views onto the mainland and Snowdonia as a backdrop. Spoilt for choice I decided to head towards Newborough Forest. Not a great distance, but an ideal destination with some gravel riding thrown in for good measure!

Once in the forest I was in my element. With the extended dawn chorus for company, no people, just me and the crunch of gravel under my tyres…

image1 (1)

After a short while I could see the coastline appearing through the curtain of conifers, the point where the forest meets the sea.

A deserted beach and a receding tide, time for coffee and a bite to eat. Better than any coffee shop, a timeless view and one to savour. Even the solitary shipwreck was visible in the bay.


Time to head back to the cottage…

Returning up the coast via the cycle track to Malltreath, eventually entering Aberffraw and taking the detour via ‘The Church in the Sea’ at Porth Cwyfan, a little more gravel and a ride around the headland brought me back to the cottage for more coffee & croissants.

This was the first of many rides, exploring the lanes towards the centre of the island and further up the coast to South Stack.

Thank you Anglesey! You didn’t disapoint, when I return it will definitely be with bike in tow.

Words and pictures – Pete Gosnell


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