Best of 2017…

January, riding around Auckland with Antoine, an internet friend who turned out to be a real good fella, showing me around his home town, cooking dinner, providing beer, perfect start to my trip to New Zealand.

February, first ride after getting ill, a gentle spin along the bottom of the north island, happy to be riding again.
March, riding around Blenheim into a summers evening with this bloke.
April, met Andy and we did a ride in the rain, just like being at home, apart from being on the other side of the world.
May, grassupthemiddle chippy run, a perfect evening involving bikes, chips and beer…oh and warm sunshine.
June, his and hers bivvy, possibly my favourite ride of the year, closely followed by our Otago Rail Trail trip back in March.
July, north west coast exploring, always good times with good company.
August, exploring Anglesey with this bloke, more of this needed.
September, the Sunday morning breakfast rides in full swing, we can always find a reason to stop and brew up.
October, ten days exploring north Wales, big climbs, lots of wind and rain, exceeded our expectations given the weather bomb we rode through.
November, a barren month due to another chest infection, the odd short ride became a sanity saver.
December, lingering chest infection and poor weather equal short rides, into the city via the canal, coffee shops and shelter, friends, chat, bullshit etc etc…
Words and pictures – Steve Makin

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