One idea is all it takes…


Overall, a year like any other.

A mixture of good and bad.

A new job for me. Another year of parenting and the, let’s say entertaining, developments in the life of a little boy with Autism. More fantastic book discoveries…

Lots to be happy about and highlights a plenty.

From a riding point of view it was great! When opportunities arose I took them when I could and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I even had a blast around the Velodrome for the first time in years!

My commuting miles have increased dramatically with the new job, and even with the onslaught of Winter I am enjoying the extra exercise. The organisational side of #GUTM rides suffers at this time of year, yet rides still happen and getting out on the bike provides the same level of enjoyment.

Though I’ll be honest, motivation to get out can be hard to find…

This morning was a great example of the reward in finding some.

One idea, delivered simply over coffee and breakfast was all it took to have me eagerly looking forward to a New Year of riding.

With the proposed dates falling very nicely over the weekend of my Birthday, Steve suggested a ride with friends in a magical part of the country (one that I haven’t had the opportunity to visit for a long time) and the promise of a very cool loaner bike (very excited about this part) Happy Birthday me!

That one idea had me shaking off the funk of the ‘end of the year blues’ and instantly reacquainting myself with that mental list of rides I’d like to do.

Hopefully 2018 will let me tick some off the list.

Here’s one of my favourite pics from 2017…

My backside!

In the nicest possible way I’ll show it to 2017 as I ride boldly into 2018, gloves and bobble hat at the ready (just in case 😉)

Words – Paul Rance

Picture – Graham Ashton

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