It gives me great pleasure to announce…

That the official #grassupthemiddle mud flaps are go!

They come pre drilled, with all fittings included. The print is double sided, so you can fly the club flag from any angle.

A two week pre order window, until the 14th of October is now open via the lovely Adam at TopFlaps. After the 14th a batch will be run, which will be dispatched by the 30th of October. 

For more details, and to order visit TopFlaps

You’re welcome 😊😊😊

4 thoughts on “Flaps…

    1. It will fit any guard. I think they will ship to the US?! I’d email Adam at TopFlaps to double check. I’m sure, if he doesn’t already have the function, he would be able to sort it for you. Let me know if it’s a problem 👍


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