Standby, standby, no, no, no…

Not quite the way I remember it, but that?

unnamed (1)

That’s the battle going on inside my head.

On the one side, the voice reminding me of my love of riding bikes.
On the other side, a louder voice telling me I can’t.
Some days I really struggle to get out there and turn the pedals, and then I’ll spend the next few days, glued to my PC, chasing things up, tap, tap, tapping away at reports, and then rue the rides I’ve missed.
Today however, was different.
Today I rode.
unnamed (2)
It’s a familiar set up, the horrendous drive up the M6 on a Friday night, the curry, and, of course, the caravan.
But it’s worth it.
Worth every moment of the M6 at its worst.
Because it means I’m gonna ride.
I’m going to ride with the greatest of people.
People who, well you know…
The kinda people you need to surround yourself with.
We may have only ridden 40 miles, and even then, spent as much time enjoying breakfasts, coffees, and of course ice creams, but the point is?
We rode.
And I remembered how much I love riding.
Words – Nick Wallis
Pictures – Nick Wallis & Jason Liddell.

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