Virtual #GUTM zine…

Some time during Summer this year (doesn’t that feel like a lifetime ago!) we got our good friend, and all around computer whizz, Paul Davy – @cycletogs to create a small Grass up the Middle zine, just for the fun of it!

He did us proud, and as expected produced what we think is a lovely ode to our fictitious club 😉

The big plan was originally to get these printed up and pass them out amongst friends and also to potentially offer them up as another little goody for sale to our humble following here, and on Instagram.

The cost of printing (to at least a reasonable quality) was sadly, shockingly high! We were more than aware that it wouldn’t be a piffling amount, but we weren’t quite prepared for the shock.

The project was shelved…

Steve has just messaged me and suggested letting people have a look at it anyway. I’ll be honest and say I’d all but forgotten about it! (It’s been a distracting year I’m sure you’ll agree!) Flicking through it again whilst prepping this post I am reminded of the damn fine job that Paul did for us. Who knows, maybe we’ll get around to creating something in the physical realm in the future?!

For now though, if you’re interested… You can click on the link below 🙂

Read here…

And Merry Christmas from Me (Paul), Steve and the rest of the #grassupthemiddle crew!