Virtual #GUTM zine…

Some time last Summer (remember that!) Steve and I asked our good friend and all around computer whizz Paul Davy – @cycletogs to help us make a zine, just for fun…

Paul did us proud and as expected, he created what we think is a lovely ode to our humble, fictitious club 😉

The original intention was to get some printed up and distribute them to friends and potentially offer them up for sale to our followers on here and on Instagram.

The cost of printing (to a suitable standard) proved to be shockingly expensive! We weren’t daft enough enough to suppose it would be peanuts, but we certainly didn’t expect it to be so high…

Alas, the project was shelved…

Steve messaged me last night about posting the zine up here so people could at least see it. I’d all but forgotten about it I’ll be completely honest! Flicking back through it whilst prepping this post last night and this morning has reminded me what a damn fine job Paul did for us.

Such a shame…

Maybe in the future we can get something sorted in the physical realm. I think we should definitely try.

In the meantime you can at least peruse this first, virtual attempt. Click the link below if you’re interested…


Huge thanks to Paul, again 🙂

Merry Christmas to you all!

From me, Steve and the rest of the #grassupthemiddle gang 🙂

2 thoughts on “Virtual #GUTM zine…

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    Doing a full-color A4 (that’s the size I’m guessing it is) zine with that many pages does get expensive. I just threw what you had in the Mixam quote generator, and for 100 copies it’d be $809.50 plus ground shipping of $76.67, bringing it to $886.17. That would be £671.04 with conversion, but it’d be best to use Mixam’s UK site for more accurate pricing. I’d price a zine like that at $15-20, which isn’t too bad (people do buy photo zines for that much, I know I have!)

    Perhaps consider a future GUTM in a smaller size and also in black and white (I’ve been seeing all your lovely B&W pics, Steve!) to make it more economical to do as a print edition. That’s what I did with this one:

    Or there’s always print-on-demand, which usually means a higher per-unit cost, but it means you don’t have to pay for a print run. And usually the service does the shipping for you.



  2. Steve

    thanks for the info Shawn, a quick check through tells me that it’s probably still too expensive to produce it how we wanted it to look but there are cheaper options for sure, I guess when we’ve produced some more content we’ll take a closer look at it


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