Seasonal riding…

Spoilt for choice, head to the hills or across the flatlands of northern gloucestershire towards the Malvern Hills.
The later seem to be my default setting, it never disappoints, a maze work of small lanes crisscrossing the countryside.
I use these lanes regularly, just adjusting the route slightly for each ride.


Anti-clockwise or clockwise it offers different views, climbs and descents.
Very little main road use, almost exclusively on narrow single track lanes. This is my place of cycling pleasure, no cars, very few humans, the odd errant sheep and indecisive rabbit, that’s all.
I ride these roads throughout the year, from the cold winter right through spring and summer to my favourite season- autumn.
Colours change, landscapes become more visible as the fall approaches.


Springtime is very special, everything coming to life, the sound track changes, birds and lambs add to the repertoire. As summer approaches the smell of ferns becomes more apparent, the trees are in full leaf – those visible landscapes become a little obscured.


These are the ingredients that make this a destination of choice all year round.


I’m already planning the next adventure!

Words and pictures – Pete Gosnell



2 thoughts on “Seasonal riding…

  1. Paul

    I know the area quite well from walking but now I’m back on the bike after a bit of hip surgery I’d love to find some quiet lanes to ride. Any pointers as to good routes?
    Thanks for the inspiration.

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  2. Pete Gosnell

    Hi Paul, just seen your message, whereabouts are you based?
    There are some good waymarked routes and a mazework of lanes to the east of the Malvern hills.

    If you need any advice call me on 01242 255414 – me at Cheltenham Cycles.

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