2017 round up (a triplet)

January: Started the year with an over-nighter out to my favourite youth hostel in Arnside with some of my favourite non-GUTM people. (I’ll get you lot out there sooner or later!)

GUTM2017_1(View over Lythe Fell Road in the Forest of Bowland.)

February – April: My first ever multi-month cycle tour in the USA and Canada… Although it  was really a bunch of multi-day/week tours broken up with long train journeys or blagged lifts. I cycled in Texas, New Mexico, California, Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

GUTM2017_2(Fully loaded in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington.)

Read more about bits of the tour:

“You just can’t trust what they say.” Stories of Trump supporters I met while cycle touring in the USA: https://medium.com/@runpaintrunrun/you-just-cant-trust-what-they-say-84875cd902a8

Heartbreak, getting lost in the desert and My Favourite Murder (or how Google Maps and Garmin conspired to get me killed): https://medium.com/@runpaintrunrun/heartbreak-getting-lost-in-the-desert-and-my-favourite-murder-7d3665fd0523

Dogs of the world, f**k off! https://medium.com/@runpaintrunrun/1-march-2017-e613845f2ca

Five of my favourite American campsites: http://fatgirlonabicycle.tumblr.com/post/160364987523/five-of-my-favourite-american-campsites

May: Just after returning  from the US, Evans Cycles invited me to help launch a Limited Edition of the popular Pinnacle Arkose. We headed up to Fort William on the Caledonian Sleeper – a treat in itself – and cycled around in the highlands for three days. The going was tough – especially with a knee injury I was refusing to acknowledge – but the company excellent, the riding exciting and scenery utterly stunning. Have a nosey at a video and mini-write up on my tumbler: http://fatgirlonabicycle.tumblr.com/post/161621574508/a-few-weeks-ago-evans-cycles-kindly-invited-me-on

GUTM2017_3(Pinnacle Arkose in some sexy bit of the highlands.)

June: Before getting my life back together (e.g. getting a job),  I took myself (and the swanky Pinnacle Arkose) on a mini-tour around some of my favourite spots in the Lakes. I wrote about it here – GUTM

July – December: Nothing that exciting, I’m afraid. Some sweet pootles with the GUTM gang and generally enjoying riding my Surly Straggler about with lots of shite in the new basket.

GUTM2017_4(All Straggler, All the time. Surly till nap time.)

Words and pictures – Ella Wredenfors

Home renovation and cycling don’t mix very well…

I said to Heather I’d have the garden finished by March – the lawn still isn’t laid now, December. That kind of sums up how things have gone this year! Moving to the edge of the Peaks, in to a house which needs a decent amount of work has taken a large chunk of my leisure time, but I don’t begrudge it at all – the work I have done is all contributing to a long term base where I can enjoy my riding and time at home tinkering in my workshops.

20171010_180045-012017 Has seen me embrace what riding I could. A longer commute to work has been welcome, with a joyous jaunt down the canal path most evenings. I have been a poor attender to any weekend rides, only nipping out for a quick spin up by the reservoirs by myself when I could to stretch the legs – I am hoping the GUTM Crew don’t think too badly of me!

20171111_145506-01Looking forward to 2018 I now have a workshop ready to build a few more frames. I also have some fantastic lanes, trails and byways to explore, as well as hopefully leading some rides in unfamiliar areas for the GUM crew in the coming year. That said, I don’t think 650b x 42 is going to cut the mustard for everything in my locality!


IMG_20170614_200315_047Now where did I put that 80-Grit…

Words and pictures – Will House

“Minimal cycling this year but I’m ok with that…”




Pictures – Andrew Kirsfelds

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