Four Six Eight Two…

Numbers engraved on the very depth of my soul.


My last 4 from my time in the Army.

A life that has long since past.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because the ride last Friday brought back memories, so many memories.

Trundling along Cheshires Finest B roads, tired but happy. Piss wet through, cold and on my own in the dark, my mind started to drift off to times that were long since past.

But that’s a whole other story…

Friday night. The Wing Wah Delight ride is becoming a bit of a thing.

A great thing, with the greatest of people.

People all bound by the same love – Chips, IPA, & bicycles.

But mainly bicycles, more specifically, riding bicycles.

Not far and not fast, but well, you know, just as it should be.

I love riding my bike, and with these guys? Well, it’s just everything it should be. (some) miles of open lanes, (many) laughs, great beer (a couple) and well, the joie de vivre that’s so needed after a long week at work.

Thing is, I’m not built to be classed as a cyclist, I’m more akin to being on a Rugby pitch, but the truth Is…

I love riding.

Always have.

Always will.

And long may it continue, with these greatest of people, into the cold, dark, rain soaked B roads in this part of the world that I currently call home.

Now if only Summer would hurry up, well that? That would be about perfect.


Words & picture – Nick Wallis.

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