1st Wednesday of the month…

From our ‘Rough Stuff Fellowship’ correspondent.

Wednesdays aren’t a bad day for me, I get to go to the pub, my favourite local cycle café is open and my long suffering wife goes to her mum’s (for a different kind of suffering) so I can get out on my bike. However, this is the first Wednesday of the month and so there is a regular ride with my RSF mates. It’s actually called the West Pennine Moors Meander and is led by Keith and incorporates three café stops.

I don’t go to the start of the ride as I cycle from home so I miss out café 1 (Vaughn’s at Tockholes) but I join the group at the Cosy Corner Café in Brinscall and cycle with the group until lunch, which is taken in the Village Green Tearooms in Rivington and then I leave the ride and head home.

On this occasion I thought I’d take a camera, photos on a phone are OK but I’m old fashioned, phones are for talking on, cameras are for taking pictures – luddite if you must.

Anyway I digress, my route takes me through Astley Park past the magnificent Astley Hall and fountain and to Botany Bay.


30100893673_35d112e24e_o.jpgThen up to White Coppice via all the now fishing lodges that once fed the now knocked down mills.

30619543342_4c46acc862_o.jpgThen down the Goyt to Brinscall, again its man made but I’m not sure of it’s purpose. I am more sure of the purpose of the man made cycle track – it’s a feeder to the Mary Townley Lopp apparently even though it’s a good few miles away.

30736362325_b60b1ed3c9_o.jpgMet up with the group and cycled back along the Goyt to White Coppice and then over Healey Nab to our Lunch stop.

30699394406_7e4c1a1880_o.jpgFinally I left the group and headed home via resovoirs and canal towpath to Botany Bay.

30736345665_5122d0e8a0_o.jpgA good few hours in the saddle, two excellent cafes, looking forward to the next one. Although I am not a recruiting agent for the RSF, the website is worth a look http://www.rsf.org.uk and yes I am the Geoff that organises and leads some of the Saturday family oriented rides. More pictures https://flic.kr/s/aHskL9CUrL

Words & pictures – Geoff Smith.

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